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Milva PRO

Milva PRO is used to register every material in a building, hence being able to produce a full resource- and environmental mapping.

Here you can learn to become a PRO user.

The Milva Academy is currently under construction! Please contact us if you have any questions.

What is Milva PRO?

Create, map and complete a project with Milva PRO

The following list contains every step in a Milva mapping.

Before you begin

Get access to Milva PRO
The Milva Method

Part 1 - Creation and preparation of a project

Create a new project
Project details
Select buildings and units
Floor plans, places and rooms

Part 2 - Mapping

The overview page
Profile pictures
PCB screening
Material registration
The individual building part
Sampling and assessments
Review of quantities
Comments on the report

Part 3 - Requisitions, analysis results and completion

Analysis results
File upload