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Our Mission

We are on a mission to eliminate waste of lives, time and resources in the demolition sector.

Demolition is wasteful. The EU generates 450 million tonnes of waste from construction and demolition a year. We want to reduce that number to 0.



*ALMOST impossible, BUT Necessary.
Getting to zero by creating a

Circular economy


Start at the end

What is “waste”? Would bricks from a demolished building still be considered “waste” if they were used to build a new one? Tonnes of potential materials are overlooked and end up in landfills every year.

Why is waste a problem?

The earth has limitations.
Virgin ressources are limited.
Reuse and Recycling is the future.

Fewer wasted resources.
Less production.
Less CO2 in the atmosphere.
Less land area occupied by production.
Less water wasted in the producion process. Reduced need for transportation.

In addition Milva makes the processes of demolition more efficient. From the initial mapping to the final data set, and project management, it saves time and money for everyone involved.
All resources from a demolition project mapped with Milva are automatically categorised and can be put up for sale.
Marketplace icon.
Resell and reuse

We are creating the foundation for the first large scale marketplace for reusable construction resources with a constant and automatic supply of documented clean materials from demolition.

Global impact

Waste from buildings is a small part of a big problem.
With Milva there is a profitable solution.

“Not only do we believe it is possible, but it is our responsibility and mission to make it happen. For our society and for our planet. We need a circular economy and Milva is an important step towards it.”
Tue Holdensen, CEO Milva

Would you like a demonstration?

Start mapping for the future.

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