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How it works

There is a minimum of magic.
Mostly small guided steps towards the complete picture.

Milva consists of a mobile phone app used to register all materials on site and a website with the full report.
In the following videos you can see how the building is mapped and what you can see in the online report.

The system is our friend


Registering the materials

In this video, you can see the proces of mapping a building.
From selecting the building to to the registering of samples.

See Milva report
Waste turned into ressources


Milva online report

In this video, you get a quick introduction to the Milva online report.
There's a lot of data, but it is organized and structured.

Documentation is key

Milva turns “waste” into resources by mapping, categorising and documenting every material in the demolition project.

When an advisor maps a demolition project with Milva, he/she uncovers tons of potential reusable resources.

In addition Milva makes the processes of demolition more efficient. From the initial mapping to the final data set, and project management, it saves time and money for everyone involved.
All resources from a demolition project mapped with Milva are automatically categorised and up for sale at he Milva Marketplace.
Marketplace icon.
Resell and reuse

Seize the oppertunity to transform waste into ressources.
Sell what you don't need.

Would you like a demonstration?

Start mapping for the future.

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