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Digital environmental and resource mapping before demolition

Milva is a new smart tool for mapping existing buildings.
Milva is used to map all materials with automatic identification of all environmentally harmful substances and materials for reuse.
The Milva online report furthermore provides a complete overview of remediation tasks, building waste and the materials that can be recycled.

A 3 story half demolished yellow house.
Asbestos roof
32m2 / -1.100kr
1ton / +1.000kr
2ton / +2.400kr
32m2 / -1.100kr
Paint (yellow/white)
75m2 / -800kr

How digital mapping reduces the cost of demolition

Resell more. Uncover more valuable, documented clean resources for resale.

Avoid delays. Be prepared. Know all materials and tasks in a project and how they should be handled.

Avoid cost overruns. Identify all individual tasks for demolition before tendering.


Milva Online Report

One place for all project participants to get clear,
and up-to-date information about the building

See demo report

Wealth of data

Get more valuable information like fractions, sanitation tasks and sample results in a single report.

Fast to use

The PDF report is so 2021. Speed up the demolition process by finding the information you need faster.

Easy access

Make it easy for all stakeholders in a demolition project to find the information they need in real-time.

A better way of
mapping buildings

With Milva, advisors map up to 95% of the materials. Faster, more detailed, and cheaper compared to analogue mapping*.

*Tests conducted on projects with an average of 200 analyses demonstrate a cost reduction of 20-30% compared to current analogue alternatives

Detailed sorting instructions

Milva sort every material into the correct waste fraction to optimize it's circular potential.
Every waste fraction has an estimated weight and complete list of materials. Easy to understand. Easy to use.

Improve productivity

Milva speeds up the administrative process by automatically dealing with all the paperwork, and Milva makes it "copy/paste easier" to report the waste to the authorities.

Visible resources

Environmental and resource mapping uncover more reusable and clean resources from a building. Milva documents the resources so you can be completely sure that they are clean and free of hazardous materials - and can be resold with a clean conscience and a decent profit.

Price of using
Milva Mapping Software

We are currently perfecting our subscription model.

If you would like an offer, click the green button.

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A digital Milva mapping gives you more than a standard analogue mapping of hazardous materials.

Standard mapping of hazardous materials
Milva Mapping
Mapping of hazardous materials
Estimated quantities for all materials
Mapping of ressources
Ressource catalogue
Mapping of derived pollution
Work descriptions for all tasks
Remidiation tasks
Sorting instructions
EWC-codes for all materials
Real-time updated data.
Standard deliverytime of 6 working days
Case Study: Holdensen ApS

Mapping with Milva

Holdensen is an experienced advising company that maps buildings before demolition. It is this team that is behind the design and development of the Milva mapping tool.

Summer house

~ 12 analysis

A summer house or cottage is often simply constructed, with little variation in materials.

Family house

~ 25 analysis

Family houses are often as different as the families that have lived in them.

Large projects

Any number of analysis

The bigger the project, the more time is saved on paperwork when using Milva. Only 6 days after the on-site mapping is complete, the report is ready.

Find a Milva mapping advisor
Standard delivery of just 6 days.


Marketplace icon.

Ressources for the Marketplace

Milva continuously improve the detailed ressource documentation for every material eligeble for resale, making it possible to get the ressources directly to the market.

Visit Milva Market

3D Floor Plan

A quantitative mapping, registering all surface and their respective types in a "BIM-model" which makes it possible to calculate quantities very accurately.

Assisted Waste Allocation

Milva automatically suggests the nearest/cheapest recipient of waste for the different fractions, including prices on waste management and logistics.

Automatic Quantity Calculation

Assisted quantity calculation built from master data, surfaces registered during the mapping and statistical data from similar projects.

API for collaboration

Milva has complete insight into the building mass and conditions of the demolition. Our API will make it possible to use the detailed data for marketplaces, tenderplatforms, CO2 tracking tools and so much more.

Increased recycling

Less waste.
More reselling.

Milva maps all resources - and soon, those resources will be worth a lot of money.

We are tirelessly working on optimising mapping with a focus on documenting materials for resale.

Each resource will be shown with their production CO2 cost as well as their recycling CO2 cost, so you will be able to document the CO2 reduction that you have achieved by recycling and minimising transport.

Data Collection

More data.
Safer environment.

Milva constantly gathers data which helps society as a whole.

The occurrence of environmentally harmful substances of all types of building mass is still relatively unknown.

By collecting data on the materials that harm us, Milva will help save both lives and resources in the future.