The Problem

The problem can be summed up as follows: mapping of buildings targeted for renovation or demolition is currently inefficient, superficial, and wasteful.

All buildings contain environmentally harmful substances.
With the analogue methods of today, surveyors fail to find all of them, and totally neglect to map the resources.
Then they spend many expensive hours writing incomplete reports that end up in dusty, municipal drawers all over the country.

Most importantly this means a health risk to workers and citizens, and with an increasing demand for recyclable materials, it also means a loss to the building industry as well.

The good ol’ way to do it, is a waste of lives, time, and resources.


The solution

⇒ is digitalising the entire process from outdated building to recycled materials.

With Milva we have created a software tool that maps, quantifies, and catalogues all environmentally harmful substances as well as all other materials and resources in a building.

The Milva-mapping provides us with the dataset, that enables us to transform the outdated buildings from waste to valuable ressources.

The irony is that a mapping with Milva is 5-10 times faster to complete than an analogue mapping, despite Milvas massive advances in quality and scope.