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We Are Good People.
We Are All Shareholders.
We Are Milvans.

Our ambitions are big. Our pace is steady. We like to play beachvolley, board games and enjoy ourselves.

We want to create a company, that we are proud of and excited to work for, and where everyone gets a piece of the pie.
So that's what we're building.

We are 7 guys at this point.
We need to grow to make a global impact.
We aim to be 35 humans before 2025.

Our HQ is in Vejle, Denmark.

We are hiring!

Tech team

Build epic things.

Our current tech team is a combination of experienced senior programmers and product engineers.

We encourage everyone to apply!

We only hire in-house developers. Remote work and flexible hours are basic rights.
See our current positions here or on linked-in.

Contact our CTO if you have any questions.

See job openings
We are hiring!

Surveyor team


We are currently 3 experienced surveyors in the surveyor team.
We all have 5+ years of experience.
We all love technology.

We encourage everyone to apply!

You will be mapping projects, large and small all over the country, primarily the Copenhagen area.
You will be testing and developing Milva.
You will be onboarding new Milva users.
You might even do sales.

See our open positions below, or send us your application if you believe you can help us make a difference.

Contact our COO if you have any questions!

See job openings