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Find a mapping advisor for your next Milva report

Milva is only an intelligent piece of software.
It's like a Swiss armyknife that get new features every week. To get the full benefit and the Milva quality mapping, the surveyor needs to be an expert.

That is why we only show professional advisors, that maps more than 10 projects with Milva every month.

Professional mapping advisors

With Milva, advisors map up to 95% of the materials. Faster, more detailed, and cheaper.


Holdensen offer Milva mappings and all related demolition advisor services.

Holdensen map 30-50 projects every month.
Project scale range from small renovations to large buildings.

Holdensen perform mappings in every part of Denmark every week.
Complete Milva report is delivered 5 days after completed mapping.

The Holdensen surveyors are behind the development of Milva and the three surveyors each have 5+ years of experience from the industry.

Visit Holdensen Rådgivning